Cluebebe CD and Cloth Pads

Dear Lovely Mommies,

After receiving tremendous of messages, asking for 
Cluebebe diapers & Eucalytus Combo Insert 
We are opening a new  Pre Order for Cluebebe Cloth Diapers (click on the link)
& Cluebebe Mama Cloth Pads

Pre Order Closes at: 16 July 2015
Estimated Time Arrival :  End of July (Approx: 30th July 2015)

If you are interested to order or for further questions & details,
kindly SMS/Whatsapp: 016-4131543   OR
PM Facebook: Ummu Humaira OR
Email to:

Thank you and have a great day :)

Cluebebe Mama Cloth Pads

Review: I'd been using other brands of cloth pads for quite some time, but after I tried clubebe cloth pads, I straightly fall in love with them. It is so comfy and the inner material very soft as if you didn't wear any pads

Cluebebe Cloth Pads available in 3 types of pads:

1. Day Use Pads (Normal flow)
Price: RM16/pc
Buy 3pcs and more RM15/pc

2. Night Use Pads (heavy flow)
Price: RM21/pc
Buy 3pcs or more RM20/pc

3. Pantiliner
Price: RM11/pc
Buy 3pcs or more at RM10/pc

Save more with our package:

1. Trial Package
3pcs pantiliner
2pcs day use pads
1pc night use pad
only at RM77

2. Saver Package
5pcs pantiliner
3pcs day use pads
2pcs night use pads
only at RM127

3. Combo Package
10pcs pantiliner
5pcs day use pads
3pcs night use pads
FREE 1pc day use pads (worth RM21)
only at RM220


50% Discount on Nursing Wear

More SALES Yeay!! 

We're having 50% Discounts on selected Nursing Clothes and Nursing Inner

Nursing Wears helps you pretty mommies to breastfeed your babies in public

Ladies, I have been using these brands of nursing clothes for few years, 
I love it so much as the material is soft and stretchy and definitely comfortable during 'feeding' time :)

This is very limited, each design only left 1 size and 
I would like to clear it, SOONer the BETTER

If you are interested in any of these items
SMS/Whatsapp: 016-4131543 (ummu)  OR
PM via FB: Ummu Humaira   OR
Fill in the form on the right side of blog (preferred)

UPDATED 5 July 2015: 
Design that have been SOLD, will be removed from this post. TQ :)

Brand: Autumnz
Size Available: M 
Chest width: 37"  Length: 29.5" Sleeve length: 22"

1. Long Sleeve 
2. Maternity & Nursing

Price: RM59.90 
50% Discount:
RM30 (after round up)



Soaker & Insert Fiesta

Dear Lovely mommies,

Inserts & Soakers Updated
If you are interested in any of these items, kindly:

SMS/Whatsapp: 0164131543 (ummu) or
PM via Facebook: Ummu Humaira or 
Fill in the Order Form (at the right side of blog)

Thank you & have a nice day!!

Eucalyptus Combo Insert

Great for Heavy Wetter & Sensitive Skin
For day & night time usage
Sewn together with microfiber insert
Long design as you can fold it to suit your baby's need 

Brand: Cluebebe
Size: 12cm x 115cm
Capacity: 300cc (approximately 10oz)
" Limited Stock Available "

(Retail Price: RM18/pc)


TERMA & SYARAT Pembelian

Semua item yang dijual di Little Precious Garden adalah brand new dan ready stock kecuali dinyatakan sebaliknya.

Pesanan: Untuk pesanan, sila isi borang order form di sebelah atas kanan blog atau nyatakan
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Kami akan memulangkan semula wang anda 100% beserta dengan kos menghantar balik (melalui pos) kepada kami jika terbukti kesilapan berpunca dari pihak kami dan memenuhi syarat-syarat diatas. Anda boleh memulangkan barangan tersebut ke alamat kami.

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